AI copilot for SaaS customer support teams

Reduce time to resolution, increase customer satisfaction, and boost productivity - without relying on internal engineering.
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Trusted by customer support teams at kickass companies!
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Duckie in actions

Enabling customer support agents wherever they work

Duckie integrates with your customer support workflow. Agents can interact with Duckie where they live, from Slack to Zendesk.
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Knowledge Search

Spend less time answering tricky product questions

Duckie finds answers hidden within your existing knowledge base, quickly providing customer support agents with valuable information and sources in a matter of seconds.
Decrease in time spent answering product questions.
60 mins
Saved per day by each customer support agent.
Resolution Memory

Don’t discover the same solution twice

Duckie remembers and recalls issue resolution steps, so when a support solution is discovered once, it never needs to be discovered again.
Increase in tickets handled per customer support agent.
Decrease in time to resolution for repeat issues.
Bug Investigation

Give the engineering team what they need to fix bugs

Duckie investigates customer logs and errors to provide the engineering team with all the information needed to fix new issues and bugs.
Decrease in engineering tickets
Reduction in time spent investigating logs
How it works

Onboard in 10 minutes

It takes only 10 minutes for Duckie to get integrated into your customer support workflow and to start helping your agents resolve tickets.

Configure knowledge base and integrations

Duckie integrates with all of the most popular knowledge sources, from Slack to Sentry, and we are happy to build out new integrations just for you.

Invite Duckie to your internal customer support channels

Duckie interacts with your customer support agents where they work.

Start Resolving Tickets

By getting Duckie's support in chat, your agents are given the knowledge they need to move faster.

Get more value from your data

We support the most popular SaaS integrations - or build your own custom connection with our API.
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We love our customers!

Hear from some of our amazing customers who are resolving tickets faster.
"Ever since we started using Duckie,  our support team's performance has improved drastically."
Akash Sharma
CEO, Vellum
"Our response times are faster, our customers are happier. What more is there to say?"
Jay Khatri
CEO, Highlight
"Our B2B clients need fast and accurate responses, and Duckie delivers just that."
Sidd Seethepalli
CTO, Vellum
"It's been a huge relief for my team and has made a noticeable difference in how smoothly things run around here."
Vadim Korolik
CTO, Highlight

Empower your customer support team

Start using Duckie in your customer support team to reduce time to resolution, increase customer satisfaction, and enable your agents.