AI technical support that you can hire

Duckie is an AI support engineer that reduces unnecessary ticket escalations by troubleshooting tricky technical issues and suggesting resolutions

Technical support at a fraction of the cost

Duckie reduces the number of unnecessary support escalations that reach developers. We embed directly into your support workflow, automatically handling technical requests so you don't have to.

35% reduction in ticket escalations. 

Duckie handles support questions and repeat issues, reducing escalations by 35%.

10x faster resolutions. 

Duckie gains insights and understandings instantly, delivering resolutions in seconds.

90% cost reduction.

Offload technical support work to Duckie, paying a fraction of the price of a dedicated technical support engineer.

Deployed directly into your support channels

Duckie sits in your team's support channels, interacting directly with CS teams to handle technical requests before they get escalated to developers.

Integrates with your knowledge base

Duckie integrates into your technical support knowledge base, intelligently gathering relevant information to generate resolutions and insights. We support all major knowledge sources, and can always add more!

Automatically handles tickets

Duckie uses learned knowledge and understanding of your systems to answer tricky questions, troubleshoot issues, and suggest resolutions.

Intelligently escalates to your developers

Duckie escalates tickets to developers only when they are needed to handle the task, minimizing the time your team spends on unnecessary support requests.

Get started in 5 minutes!

It takes minutes to get Duckie onboarded into your support channels and handling tickets.