Find information hidden in your knowledge base

Duckie searches through all your data sources to find answers to your customer support team's questions.

Find product answers within your company's chat history.
Track resolution progress through engineering issue tracking systems.
Understand specific details hidden in your code bases.
Increase customer satisfaction by answering their questions quickly.

Streamline resolutions with past insights

Duckie scans your support ticket history and resolution discussions to surface solutions, helping your support team resolve issues faster and more efficiently.

Retrieve solutions from previous ticket resolutions.

Search past discussions to find context and answers to similar issues.

Reduce repetitive problem-solving with historical data insights.

Improve response times with quick access to documented solutions.

Resolutions without waiting for engineering

Duckie connects to your observability stack—including logs, error reports, and customer data—to empower support agents to investigate and triage issues independently, reducing dependency on engineering teams.

Investigate issues using real-time logs and error reports.

Triage and filter tickets before escalating to engineering.

Analyze customer data to identify root causes and solutions.

Speed up resolutions by reducing dependency on internal teams.

AI Assistant that enables your support team to resolve tickets faster, without relying on engineering.

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